Tree Surgery Work in Fakenham

Today our tree surgeons are carrying out some tree surgery in Fakenham, Norfolk, whehe job for the day is sectional felling of a Large mature Beech. The tree has two different wood decaying fungi Kretzchmaria deusta and Fomes fomentarius. For more information regarding pest and disease please visit our pest and disease page.


The day started with a risk assessment looking for hazards making a note of them and then stating what measurements can be put in place to lower the risks to the working team and general public.

The next step was to carry out a wildlife survey for nesting birds and Bats both of which are protected by law (Wildlife and countryside act 1981),  after this it was time to set up the site using tree cutting hazard signs and barrier team to create a safe working environment for the team to work in.


We then had a quick discussion as to how we would carry out the work and then Tom proceeded to climb and make his way to the top of the tree to find a suitable anchor point in which to install both his main climbing line and pulley block for the working rope ready for lowering later.


Once these were both in place he made his way down to the lower limbs ready to start cutting and after the ok from us proceeded to start removing some of the branches piece by piece.


The rest of us were in charge of the lowering, cross cutting and stacking of branches and wood ready for chipping later. We always try to keep the site as clean as possible to avoid creating trip hazards. After the climbing was completed we chipped the brash heaps to avoid a communication breakdown between the climber and ground staff and raked up so the site was left spotless.