Tree Surgery in Norfolk

Today we have been carrying out some tree surgery in Norfolk….
The work is for Breckland District Council and involves a crown reduction of a Maple tree which is overhanging a garage and a house.
The work is being carried out following on from a complaint from the home owner regarding the overhanging tree blocking light and creating damp on the garage wall. In a situation like this you only have two options, either carry out a crown reduction or remove the tree altogether. Because of the location of this tree and the condition of it we decided to reduce rather than remove, we try to keep healthy trees when we can!
Today it was Tom and Chris who wanted to climb. Where we can we try to use two climbers on the larger trees as this cuts down on time working at height. After completing a risks assessment and checking for nesting birds, we set up the site with signs and hi-viz barrier tape. Once complete Tom and Chris proceeded to start climbing.
On this occasion there were three ground staff as the tree was located over a busy footpath each team member had there own jobs one was using the lowering ropes, one was clearing and stacking brash and one was a banksman watching over operations and escorting members of the public through the site when safe to do so.
Norfolk Trees operate throughout Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire. All our work is carried out to BS3998 2010 standards and we carry out both domestic and commercial work with clients including Local Authorities, Parish Councils and contract work to the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Breckland Council and Serco, South Norfolk Council, Broadland Council and NCC Highways.
We are also approved by the Arboricultural Association and Norfolk County Council and are CHAS Accredited. We also have a £10,000,000 public liability insurance providing peace of mind for all clients.