Tree Surgery In Dereham

Today our tree surgeons have been carrying out some tree surgery in Dereham….

We are carrying out an Ash tree dismantle for Breckland council/Serco

The tree has Inonotus hispidus a common bracket fungus found primarily on Ash, Walnut and Apple trees, the fungi causes decay in its location and in turn can cause stem failure.

We arrived on site around 8ish and started the day with site risk assessment and wildlife survey.

We then set up the site signs hazard tape etc this gives us a safe working enviorment and stops the public from getting to close to the work site.


Chris then started to make his way up the tree to find a suitable anchor point to install his main climbing line, pulley block and working rope, he then made his way down to some of the lower branches ready to start cutting and after the ok from the ground staff started to cut and drop branches from one of the main limbs.

This is then repeated on all the limbs until the tree is left as just a trunk this can then be felled safely if there is room or dismantled in sections until the tree is down to ground level.


The rest of us were responilble for lowering anything over hanging the sheds etc, we were also responsible for the cross cutting and stacking of the branches as they were lowererd or drop to the floor ready for chipping later.

On this occasion we were leaving the wood on site so we cut this into movable pieces and stacked this to one side keeping the site clean to avoid any trip hazards.

Once the climber comes down from the tree the brash can then be chipped this is done to avoid communication breakdown between ground staff and the climber.