Tree Surgery in Attleborough

This week our team has been carrying out some tree surgery in Attleborough for the town council.

We have been working around the grounds of St Marys Church undertaking some remedial works following a survey.


We have been planning this work for several weeks now because of various issues like Rooks nesting we had to wait until the youngsters had fledged, we also thought the work would be best carried out during school holidays because the trees are located near a busy road.


The first thing we had to do was fill in a opening notice 5 days prior to stating, this involves filling in forms and sending it to NCC highways stating how you propose to manage the traffic on site. On this site we deciding to use stop go boards as it keeps the traffic flowing more consistently than traffic lights.


Once on site we filled in the site risk assessment, finding risks and putting in measures to eliminate or lessen the risks after this will carried out a wildlife survey looking for nesting birds et this can be a real challenge this time of year with certain tree species.

After these were both complete when could then commence work, the objective was to reduce some loading weight on extended limbs over the road and to dead wood 5 big Lime tree.


Tom made his way up the first tree to find a anchor point for his main line and pulley block for the working rope and once in place made his way down to the first branch which needed some reduction work. Chris was responsible for the stop go board while myself and Fred   lowered, cross cut and stacked the branches ready for chipping later. On this site we were also responsible for escorting pedestrians as there was no were else to divert them to .