Here are a few items which are listed on are wildlife management plan, we have to carry out all the necessary checks do before and during work.

If any of the below species are found we have to stop work immediately and contact the relevant organization.

Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981



Our Tree surgeons will pay close attention to the environment around the site which is to be worked on. Features such as watercourses are to be noted along with potential for sensitive species or habitats, such as Bats or Nesting Birds for example.

If the survey finds evidence of protected species then guidance or specialist surveys will be sought.

All this has to be done before any tree work can take place.




Its is the policy of Norfolk Trees to carry out checks to All vegetation at All times of the year for nesting birds.There is no legally binding ‘season’ for birds although extra care will be required during spring and summer months.

Generally birds nest between the end of March and the end of September, although this this is usually the case we have found Pigeons nests in December when there was snow on the ground!

If nesting birds are found by our tree surgeons then no cutting of vegetation is to take place until the young have fledged.

It is illegal to remove or destroy a nest while being built or used Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981


Bats are highly protected and particular care is to be taken to avoid disturbance to bats. Likely habitats include: Trees with cavities or hollows, buildings and structures such as bridges.

Tree corridors such as along tracks or riverbanks are often used as foraging corridors for bats.

If conditions exists that are likely bat habitats then a bats inspection should be carried out before any work commences.

At first the inspection will be carried out at ground level  but will continue up in the crown by the tree surgeon while at work.

Once again if our tree surgeon suspects Bats work will stop.



Reptiles are often encountered on heath land and scrub land sites where clearances are to be carried out.

Disturbance is unlikely during routine tree work, however if reptiles are discovered on site and are likely to be disturbed by the works then protection measures should be implemented.

It would be usual for clients to implement these measures prior to commencement but vigilance is required.



Badgers are protected by law and are paricticulry sensitive to disturbance from noise associated with tree works. If setts are discovered on site then no work is to be carried out within 30 meters and further advice sought.

Badger setts are distinguishable from Fox dens by the shape of the entrance hole Badger is wider than it is tall with a generally flat base.

There can be many entrances to a Badger sett and significant spoil mound.


Norfolk Trees was established in 2002 by Ashley Barnes, we operate throughout Norfolk and East Anglia. Our tree surgeons are all fully qualified for the work which they undertake and have over years experience in all aspects of tree care, which include dismantling, felling, crown lifting and reductions, dead wood removal, formative pruning, tree surveys to BS5837, tree hazard reports, pest and disease diagnosis, bat inspections, stump grinding or treating and tree planting.


Our staff allow clients to be confident and assured of the quality of our work and a £10,000,000 public liability insurance offers peace of mind. All work is carried out to BS3998 2010. In addition to domestic work we undertake commercial work for Local Authorities, Parish Councils and contract to the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Breckland Council and Serco, South Norfolk Council, Broadland Council, NCC Highways, KierMG and Anglian Water along with numerous other clients.


We are also approved by the Arboricultural Association and Norfolk County Council and are CHAS Accredited

Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme.

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