Crown Lifting

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Crown lifting is used to increase the ground clearance of the lowest branches, often over footpaths and in public areas.

The branches of the lower crown are either completely removed or pruned back to a growth point a third of the size of the parent branch to increase the ground to crown clearance.

The removal of big limbs is to be avoided, the height should be achieved from removal and reduction of secondary branches.

Crown lifting is a great way of achieving light and space into a small garden and in some circumstances would be a better option than crown reduction on a healthy tree.

A crown lifting operation is usually described in terms of the wanted distance from the ground to the lowest branches, for example we could lift the crown to 3 metres above a footpath.

The Highways Act 1980 requires trees and vegetation do not obstruct the passage of other users.

The Highways Authority requires a clearance height of 2.5m over footpaths and 5.2m over roads.

Another good example of how crown lifting can be beneficial is, the removal of the lower branches to let light into the upstairs window of a property creating light from under the tree crown. When crown lifting is done properly the lower crown should stay free from new growth for several years so can be very cost effective in comparison to reduction work on a tree.

Norfolk Trees was established in 2002 by Ashley Barnes, we operate throughout Norfolk and East Anglia. Our tree surgeons are all fully qualified for the work which they undertake and have over years experience in all aspects of tree care, which include dismantling, felling, crown lifting and reductions, dead wood removal, formative pruning, tree surveys to BS5837, tree hazard reports, pest and disease diagnosis, bat inspections, stump grinding or treating and tree planting.