Tree Surgeons working in Norwich

Today our tree surgeons are working in Taverham, Norwich… We are dismantling some Sycamores, the trees are growing close to a wall and are now starting to cause cracks in the wall. The only option is to remove the trees…


We arrived on site around 8.00am and proceeded with the risk assessment, wildlife survey and set up the site signs etc. Today Chris and Fred are climbing and me and Rory are in charge of the ground work clearing brash and lowering branches etc. Both Chris and Fred proceeded to climb the tree to locate a suitable points to install both climbing and lowering ropes. The lowering rope is placed into a pulley block in order to create less friction when lowering branches and once these were in place they can then make their way across to the first cutting position ready to start removing branches.


Me and Rory cold started the saw and attached them to the lowering rope and pulled them up into the canopy it could then be removed from the rope and attached to the climbers harness. The lowering rope was then tied to the branch and, after the ok from the ground staff, cut and lowered to the ground and cut up and stacked behind the chipper ready for chipping later we carry on lowering branch after branch until there was just a trunk left standing at a suitable height for felling. Both climbers then came down from the tree and the trunks were then felled and cut up and left for fire wood for the customer.