Tree Surgeons Mattishall

Today our Tree surgeons are working in Mattishall Church yard for the Parish council… We are now responsible for all the parish trees, and will be carrying out risk assessment surveys late summer early autumn it is done this time of the year so the fungal fruiting bodies are likely to be present we then follow this up with any remedial work that needs to be carried out. We arrived on site this morning around 8.00am and after a quick walk around we decided to start work on this Indian Bean tree (the tree is in slow decline) so the job was to crown clean removing major dead wood cutting back to live growth points and removal of crossing branches etc.


Today Fred decided he would climb while Rory and Chris will be doing the ground work, this involves any rigging and lowering work, cross cutting and chipping the branches as the are removed and generally keeping the site free from trip hazards etc. The first thing to be done was to check for nesting birds and other other wildlife if any nesting birds are found the job would have to be postponed until the birds have fledged and left the nest( it is illegal to destroy any nests while they are in use( wildlife and countryside Act 1981). The next thing to do after the wildlife survey was a risk assessment this involves surveying the working area looking for any hazards ie over head cables, slip and trip hazards etc and recording your findings after this was completed and signed we could then proceed to start work. The tree it self was quite small so there was no rigging required, the dead wood was simply removed with the use of a hand saw and the and the branches thrown down into a open space between the grave stones and then stacked behind the chipper ready to chip once the tree was complete.