Tree Surgeons In Norfolk

Today our tree surgeons in Norfolk have been carrying out some reduction work in Norwich…
The work is being carried out for Tesco Express, and involved some reduction work and some pollarding. The work was being done as Tesco had been receiving complaints by a neighbour saying that there was some issues with some of the trees effecting the satellite signal for there tv.
We arrived on site around 8.30 that morning and went into store to sign in and meet the store manager, then visited Costa and had a coffee while waiting until the parents and children had finished walking past on there way to school.
We then carried out a wildlife survey for nesting birds checking all undergrowth and trees within close proximity to where we were working, on this occasion we found a nest but luckily the young had fledged so we were ok to carry on.
It was then time to carry out the risk assessment checking for hazards etc. Written risk assessment’s are something we have to do on a daily basis and on some occasion’s we have to fill in up to three a day if the location and risks change.
We then started to set up the site taping of the work area using hazard warning tape and tree cutting hazard signs, once these were in place Chris started to climb the first tree which needed some work.
The first tree was a young Lime tree so we had decided that we would pollard it rather than the complete removal. (Pollarding I the complete removal of branches leaving just the main trunk at approximately 2.5m in height, the tree then regenerate’s forming a almost lollipop shape).
The rest of the team were in charge of moving the brash and wood from the tree once on the floor stacking it in heaps behind the wood chipper ready to process into chip later.
After Chris had descended from the tree the waste was chipped and Fred then proceeded to climb the next tree.