Tree Surgeons in Norfolk

Today our tree surgeons in Norfolk have been working on a old declining Oak in North Norfolk…
We arrived on site around 8.30am and carried out the risk assessment and wildlife survey we then set up the site with tree cutting signs and hazard tape.
The main part of the is to cut back the deadwood to live growth point.
On limbs and braches that that have no live growth the objective is to stabilise any deadwood and coronet cut the ends of the branches. This is a technique used to create the effective of natural tear as if the branch had snapped. This creates excellent habitat for many invertebrate’s and Oaks trees can host over 280 species of insects, so a coronet cut is like a new apartment block in the insect world.
Tom was the climber today while Chris and Fred were responsible for cross cutting and clearing and arisings as they were removed from the tree.
The brash and smaller wood was chipped onto the truck while most of the larger diameter deadwood was cut into logs for the client although some of the larger wood was cut into manageable pieces and stacked under the tree again creating habitat for invertebrate’s and amphibian’s.
Our staff allow clients to be confident and assured of the quality of our work and a £10,000,000 public liability insurance offers peace of mind. All work is carried out to BS3998 2010. In addition to domestic work we undertake commercial work for Local Authorities, Parish Councils and contract to the Borough Council of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, Breckland Council and Serco, South Norfolk Council, Broadland Council, NCC Highways, KierMG and Anglian Water along with numerous other clients.
We are also approved by the Arboricultural Association and Norfolk County Council and are CHAS Accredited Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme.