Tree Surgeons In Fakenham

Today our tree surgeons in Fakenham are working on a Poplar… We are dismantling the Poplar tree, we arrived on site around 8.15 and did the usual risk assessment and wildlife checks and then set up the site using tree cutting warning signs and hazard tape.


Chris then proceeded to make his assent up the tree to find a suitable anchor points for his main climbing line and pulley block for lowering, once both were in place he then made his way to his first cutting position. We then gave him the ok so he started to dismantle the first branch piece by piece. All the pieces had to be individually lowered this was the responsibility of the ground staff carefully allowing the branches to come down slowly and steadily to avoid to much movement to the tree.


Once the branches were on the floor they were stacked into neat heaps keeping the site tidy to avoid any extra trip hazards, the heaps would be chipped up later in the day when the Chris had come down for a drink. We feel this is the safest way to work as it avoids communication break down between the ground staff and the climber.

Once all the branches had been carefully lowered and the main trunk was at a safe height to fell Chris made his way back down the ground, we then moved a couple of piles of brash inline of where the truck would fall, this makes cross cutting the trunk a lot easier as it is of the floor.

The rest of the brash was then chipped onto the back of the trucks and the main trunk was then felled, cross cut and stacked on site as the customer wanted it for his fire.


The job took around 6 hrs to complete from start to finish.