Tree Surgeons in Dereham

Today our tree surgeons have been working in Dereham, the work is for Breckland council, the job was to dismantle a Beech tree. The tree has been in decline for the past few years and being in close proximity to the highway has to be removed. We have been planning this work for while as the tree is in a conservation area all the necessary paperwork had to be in place.


The work could not be done safely without traffic management so we also had to fill in a opening notice and send it to Norfolk County Council Highways to notify them of the traffic control measure which we were going to install. This involved a lane closure with two way lights this gave us a lane to park the vehicles and work safely.


We started the day with the routine risk assessment this involves looking for hazards, recording them and looking at ways to illuminate or minimize them creating a safer working environment. We then carried out a wildlife survey which involves checking the tree which you are working on for nesting birds or signs of Bats etc.


The tree we are working on is dead and is to hazardous to climb so will are going to use a MEWP a Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Two of are staff hold IPAF tickets which qualify you to work MEWP.

Rory decided that he was going up in the bucket to start dismantling the tree, the rest of use we in charge of the ground work this involved keeping a eye on the public, lowering & stacking branches and keeping the site clean and free from any trips hazards.

Once it got to 10am Rory came down from the tree and the rest of us chipped the branch piles and lift any wood onto the back of the vehicles.