Tree Felling In Norfolk

Today we have been carrying out some tree felling in Norfolk…

The job was carried out for a construction company and the Poplar tree were felled because they were very close to a public footpath and in decline.


A tree can generally be assed by the foliage, if the foliage is quite sparse with die back on the tips or not a even colour or sometimes deformed it could have a underlying problem so if in close proximity best get it checked by a fully qualified tree surgeon.

The day started with the usual site inspection followed by a risk assessment signed by everybody working on the tree, then we did a wildlife survey which didn’t take to long as there were no cavities or much foliage on around the tree, also as we are in late September generally most birds have finished nesting.


We then set up the site using tree cutting warning signs and hazard tape to cordon of a safe working area. Once these were all completed we could then proceed to start work. Today Fred decided that he would do any climbing so got his kit bag out and put on his harness but before climbing we checked the stability of the tree as it was in decline, this was done by installing a line and two people putting there weight on it to check the anchor point once complete Fred started to climb.


The tree was taken down in small pieces as there was no space in which to fell the tree in one, the small pieces were aloud to fall to the ground and was on the ground stacked into neat heaps.


Once the tree was down to a safe height it was then felled and cut into manageable pieces, the pieces were then stacked alongside the brash heaps and left for wildlife