Tree Cutting In Norfolk

Today we have been tree cutting in Norfolk. The work was being carried out in Hockering Church Yard. The job was to pollard a Sycamore to leave a conservation monolith for habitat..
We were contacted by Hockering PCC regarding quoting for the removal of the tree, after I site visit I suggested leaving the main trunk standing for conservation. Over a period of several years the trunk will gradually break down leaving excellent habitat for amphibians and invertebrates.


All church yards are classed as conservation areas so you have to apply to get consent to carry out any tree work. This can take up to six weeks before approval is given.


We arrived on site around 8am and proceeded to carry out a risk assessment and wildlife survey, most church yards contain some form of bat habitat so this was partially important. Once these were complete we then started to set up the site using the usual tree cutting signs and hazard warning tape and once everything was set up proceeded to start our tree cutting work.


Today it was Tom who wanted to climb so he started to make his way up the tree to find a suitable anchor point for his main climbing line. We were quite lucky with this try in that there were no gravestones underneath it so the job was so much easier and didn’t call for anything to be lowered.


Once Tom had installed his climbing line he was ready to start cutting, he started dismantling the tree in little pieces allowing the to fall to the floor without damage to the ground below.
The brash was then stacked into neat heaps ready for chipping later while the wood was cut into manageable pieces and stacked on a field next door as the neighbour was keen to kept the wood for his fire.
The job took around 6.5hrs to complete.