Tree and Stump Removal

Today we received a call from Breckland Council asking if we could go and have a look at some trees in close proximity to a house…

The trees had been planted on an open green space on a housing estate back in the 1980s, there were around 15 trees all planted close together and had never been managed properly so had totally out grown their location.


When we arrived on site we inspected the trees and decided what work needed to be done. We decided that the best option long term was for the complete removal of 3 of them, they were just to close to the house. The other trees just needed crown lifting and dead wooding raising the crowns to 2.4m over the footpaths.


The next thing to do after deciding what work was needed was to fill in the risk assessment and inspect the trees for nesting birds. Then we set up the site using tree cutting warning signs and hazard tape to tape of the work area to stop the public walking under the trees we were working on. Fred was climbing today so once the site was set up he proceeded to make his way up the tree to install his climbing line, once he line was in place and after the ok from the ground staff started to dismantle the tree, the ground staff were in charge of the cross cutting and stacking of the brash and wood into neat heaps ready for chipping later.


Within a hour the first tree was completely down leaving just the stump removal to deal with. The stump was going to be ground out using a stump grinder this grinds the stump to below ground level making it easier for the grounds maintenance team to cut the grass and also removing a trip hazard.

Complete tree and stump removal can be completed within a day and is often cheaper if completed by the tree contractor.