Storm Damage Tree Work

Last night during the strong winds and heavy rain we were called out by Breckland District Council to deal with some storm damage tree work…

We arrived to the site just as it was getting dark and then started to assess the site this was done using vehicle headlights and high powered torches. Once we had decided on a plan we filled in a risk assessment and put out some tree cutting signs and hi viz barrier tape.

The plan was to removed the hung up trees using and winch and chainsaws getting them to ground level to make it safe for leaving over night. On this occasion we decided that due to poor light it was to hazardous to chip any brash so instead all the braches and wood were stacked into heaps blocking of the site sopping the general public walking within the more hazardous area.

The following day we sent a four back to site to continue to clear the fallen trees.
There was also one tree which and split so this also had to be felled as it was unsafe to leave standing, the site took the team the full day to clear and we removed three truck loads of chip and wood from site.
The conifer wood is not much use as fire wood for open fires and wood burners so instead this goes through a Bio mass boiler at the farm which in turn provide hot water and a warm room for us to hang wet ropes and clothes to dry.