Removing a Dead Tree

Today we have been a Anglian Water site in Norwich. We now undertake nearly all the Anglian Water tree work if the Norfolk region….
Todays job was the removing a dead tree, the tree is located next to a Anglian Water site, it is also next to a busy road, the tree also overhangs some buildings and some British Telecom cables so there are several targets to avoid on this job. This job has been booked in for about two weeks this gives us enough time to fill in forms regarding traffic management and also do all the necessary checks to see if the tree is in a conservation area etc.

The day started by setting up the site and installing two way lights, we then did the risk assessment and wildlife survey before we could start work. Today Chris was going to go up in the MEWP leaving two ground staff to supervise the clearing and stacking of brash etc, as this tree was covered in Ivy we went up and inspected for nesting birds and Bats this is on going throughout the job as you cannot see under the Ivy until some has been removed.

The tree took around 3 hours to dismantle safely, I then took 3hrs to chip and cross cut timber and load up the vehicle’s.