Professional Tree Surgeons in Norwich

Today our professional tree surgeons in Norwich are carrying out more work in Norwich… We are dismantling 3 Birch trees. We arrived on site around 8.30am and proceeded to carry out a visual risk assessment and wildlife inspection checking for hazards ie overhead cables and nesting birds etc. We then filled in a written risk assessment highlighting the risks and stating how we could lower the risks.


We then proceeded to set up the site by placing tree cutting, footpath closed signs, cones and hazard tape along the path which the trees were overhanging. Chris and Rory then made there way up the trees to find a suitable anchor point for the climbing line, pulley block and working rope ready for lowering while myself and Fred kept a watchful eye out for pedestrians trying to dodge around the signs to save themselves 30 seconds on the walk to work.


Chris and Rory installed there lines and lowering ropes and then made there way to the lower branches ready to start cutting and after the ok from us started to remove some of the branches piece by piece.

Fred and myself were in charge of supervising the public, lowering,  and the cross cutting and stacking of the branches and wood ready to process into chip later. When working on the ground it is very important to keep the site tidy and free from trip hazards.


Within a couple of hours we had removed all the branches from the trees so decided to stop for a break this involved a little walk down to Waitrose.  After break we chipped all the brash into the back of one of the trucks and felled the remaining trunks on this occasion the customer was keeping the wood so we cut it into logs for him and stacked them neatly in the garden.

Once we finished cutting we all cleared up the site raking up the sawdust and twigs leaving the site nice and clean.