Diseased Tree Dismantle

Today we are carrying out a diseased tree dismantle in Norfolk…
The tree is a large Beech and the buttresses were covered in Meripilus giganteus late autumn last year this causes white rot.
The tree was located near a busy car park so unfortunately had to be removed. The day started by carrying out a risk assessment and wildlife survey once these were complete we could then start setting up the site placing out tree cutting signs, bollards and barrier tape.
Today Tom decided he had climb so after talking through the plan and securing a suitable anchor point for his climbing rope started to make his way up the tree, after he reach his anchor point he installed a pulley block and a working rope ready to lower some branches which were overhanging a shed. Once this was in place he made his way out to the first limb ready to start work and after we gave him ok he proceeded to start cutting removing small branches one by one and letting them fall to the floor.
The rest of us were in charge of the lowering cross cutting and clearing of branches once they were on the ground each of them cut and stacked into neat heaps keeping the site clear from trip hazards.
The branches would be chipped later once the work area started to get congested this gives the climber a brake and allows him time to think about were to work next on the tree.