Crown lifting Trees In Norfolk

Today we have been crown lifting trees in Norfolk…
The work is being carried out for Breckland District Council. The job was to crown lift a Oak tree over a path and highway to the required heights of 5.2 over carriageway and 2.5 over footpath.

Once we arrived on site we carried out a risk assessment, looking for risks to ourselves and the public we then thought of ways to minimize the risks and filled in the risk assessment form. The next job was the wildlife survey looking for nesting birds, roosting Bats etc all are protected by law, after this was complete we could then set up the site using signs with accordance with chapter 8.

Once these were all completed we talked about how the work would be carried out in the safest and easiest way.

Chris then made his way up the tree to find a suitable anchor point for his climbing line, once in place he made his way down to the first branch which needed removing.

When Chris was in position the traffic was stopped and the first branch was allowed to drop to the floor, Fred and Tom where then responsible for cross cutting and clearing the branch from the road stacking it into neat piles on the verge ready for chipping later.

The next branch to be removed was quite large the branch it had a hazard beam so had to be removed. Its not good practice to remove bigger branches it can cause structural problem’s with the tree later in life but on this occasion the branch had to be removed.

Chris climbed out to check the hazard beam carefully for Bats and then stated to dismantle the branch piece by piece allowing the bits to fall to the floor.

When it came to the bigger chunks we decided to lower these to avoid breaking up the tarmac on the path.