Breckland Tree Work

This week we have been working on Scarning fen…
The work was carried out for Breckland District Council and consisted of a tree risk assessment survey followed up with any remedial works .

The work was being carried out as there is a very busy footpath which leads from Scarning through to Washbridge in Dereham. It is used by a lot of people on there way to work and children on there way to school. The risk assessment survey was carried out about 3 weeks prior to the work, this involved walking along the main paths and assessing the trees which were overhanging and within falling distance.


There are a lot of Ivy covered trees along this path, so in order to inspect the trees properly the Ivy has top be cut so it dies off. Ivy does not harm the tree it just masks faults and structural weakness in the trees.


The main percentage of the work was the removal of dead wood and the crown lifting of the trees raising the lower branches to approximately 2.4m from ground height allow pedestrians and cyclist’s to pass under the tree in without catching there heads on the lower branches and without the risk of dead wood falling from the trees.


Once all the tree work has been completed the land is going to be handed over to Scarning Parish Council who will then be responsible for the management of the site.
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